Since 2012, Matthew G. Stanwix, MD has offered a variety of advanced cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to residents in Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen, West End, and the surrounding areas. From breast augmentation (breast implants) and lifts, to tummy tucks, fat transfer, breast reconstruction, facelifts, body lift, nose reshaping, Botox, and other facial fillers, Dr. Stanwix is keenly attuned to the aesthetic needs of residents in the area. Although he has been practicing plastic surgery since 2005, Dr. Stanwix only recently has brought his specialized expertise in cutting edge cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to the greater Richmond area.

Dr. Stanwix is Ivy League educated and trained at the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital for seven years. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a board certified plastic surgeon.  He is dedicated to excellence in all facets of plastic and cosmetic surgery and enjoys the artistry and challenge behind his craft. Dr. Stanwix’s compassionate bedside manner is unparalleled and his demeanor is a breath of fresh air; calmly leading you through the consultation and individualized surgical process.

Dr. Matthew Stanwix performs the most advanced top surgery procedures, and trained in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for Plastic Surgery. Not only was he at the top of his fellowship class, but he spent substantial time with expert Dr. Beverly Fischer at her surgery center. There, he learned the intricacies of advanced and minimally invasive transgender F to M surgery from one of the best. He is excited to share his expertise and skill set to the FTM community in Virginia (Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Williamsburg VA, Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA) as well as out of state travelers from Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, across the US and even international. As his reviews and reputation show, Dr. Stanwix is dedicated to providing you a wonderful surgical experience and the meticulous outcome you deserve.


Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Richmond Plastic Surgeons performs two major forms of FTM top surgery with individualized variations. Dealing with the excess skin is key to a successful surgery and an outcome that you deserve. That is why Dr. Stanwix will perform minimally invasive techniques or hide your scar in natural lines or creases in all his FTM surgeries.

1. “Keyhole” FTM Top Surgery (also known as periareolar): During this surgery, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Richmond VA, removes the breast tissue through a small incision around part of the areola. By doing so, the entire surgery is hidden within a scar concealed in the areola. Most of the time, the areola needs to be reduced to fit the contour of your new chest. Also, Dr. Stanwix may perform some liposuction around the edges to fully contour the area into a smooth transition. After the healing process, there is virtually no scar because the incision is so well hidden!

2. “Double Incision” FTM Top Surgery: For those with more excess skin, the skin will need to be taken at the time of surgery, thus requiring an incision to remove it. Dr. Stanwix hides this incision along the edge of the pec to “mimic” the natural pectoralis muscle border. During the surgery, the nipple will need to be taken off and then grafted on as a skin graft with a smaller size to match the new contour of the chest. Liposuction is an important aspect of this surgery to transition the side of the chest into the new contour on the front. Over a few months the sensation and color of the nipple will come back, the will scars fade, and the swelling will dissipates making your results priceless.

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Susan P.

Dr Matthew G Stanwix possesses the rare combination of a wonderful bedside manner and brilliant surgical skills. He was with me from my mastectomy to the completion of my breast reconstruction. I am very pleased with the outcome and could not have asked for a more beautiful new breast. All the other physicians who have seen it are very impressed too! Many thanks.

Laurent B.

He is an amazing surgeon and has a great bedside manner this was my first surgery and he really made me feel comfortable.

Iman Al Zubaidi

I give Dr. Stanwix my highest recommendation. He's caring, passionate and not assuming. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by him and so happy with the overall result. He lived up to the expectations we discussed together in the preoperative work up and things are getting even better. His staff were friendly and professional. In short, it was a very pleasant experience.