Facial Feminization Surgery Cost

For many trans women, one of the most important elements of the process of transitioning is making changes to the appearance of their face so that they appear more feminine, and so facial feminization surgery cost is definitely something to consider as you move forward in planning your protocol.
One common example is the change necessary to the throat. Many biological men have sizable Adam’s apples, and those going through MTF transition often want to reduce the size. This thyroid cartilage reduction or tracheal shave currently costs $3,600 at the Philadelphia Transgender Center, including the cost of the operation as well as hospitalization and anesthesia cost. If you want to make your nose more slender and feminine, a rhinoplasty costs between $7,500 and $8,800 depending on how complicated the procedure will be.

Some people want to adjust their eyelids and eyebrow line through a blepharoplasty, which ranges from $4,400 to $6,700 depending on what the surgeon needs to do to complete the process. A facelift ranges from $7,800 to $10,600 depending on the complexity as well. Do you want chin implants? That runs $3,600, while cheek implants cost about $5,200. If you need to have your hair line moved forward and your brow line adjusted, that costs $6,200.

All of these costs are in addition to any surgical procedures that you want to have done to your chest/breast area (“top” surgery) and your genital area (“bottom” surgery). The good news is that, for many people, insurance companies are providing coverage that ameliorates some of the costs for you, although you still will likely have a deductible to satisfy before the insurance company starts to pay their share.
For many people, facial feminization surgery cost has been one reason why they have avoided going through the MTF transition. However, for those who have gone through the process, life has become much more meaningful and satisfying because they do not feel trapped in a strange body anymore.

Why is facial feminization surgery cost worth it for so many patients? While many people might associate sex change surgery for MTF patients as reusing tissue from the penis to build a vagina or having breast augmentation, the truth is that the face is just as important in the aesthetic transition as any other part of the body — if not more so. After all, faces are an important part of memory and identification — we see people’s faces and remember who they are, and we see our own face in a mirror and view that as an expression of our identity. For transgender persons, that reflection in the mirror is not a source of contentment — it is a source of stress because it differs with the person’s self-concept. This is why facial feminization surgery cost is something that so many MTF patients will gladly save up for and pay.
Sexchangeoperation.net has listings of facial feminization surgery providers and additional information about all of the steps of the MTF transition process.

Use this to inform yourself before you head in for your initial appointment so that you will know the right questions to ask.