FTM Top Surgery Cost

An Overview of FTM Top Surgery Cost

Understanding the FTM top surgery cost that you potentially face with your gender reassignment surgery is an important part of the overall decision-making process.

According to the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, the most expensive part of the procedure will be the tummy tuck — technically known as your abdominoplasty. If you’re in really good physical shape, you may not need this, but if you do, plan to spend about $8,500 on it — $6,200 for the surgery and up to $2,300 for anesthesia and hospitalization costs. Adding liposuction to the mix runs about $1,500 per body area where you need fat removed, and the anesthesia and hospital costs vary depending on the extent of the procedure.

Another element of FTM top surgery cost comes from the mastectomy. The amount of that depends on the degree to which skin reduction is necessary. If your breasts are small (meaning you won’t have to have much skin removal), your mastectomy costs $6,000 ($4,000 for the surgery and $2,000 for the anesthesia and hospital costs), as you’re only need an incision around the areola. If you need a keyhole or lollipop incision because you need a moderate amount of skin reduction as well as areolar reduction, it bumps up to $6,500. If you have a lot of skin to remove and require an anchor incision and the submammary incision, the cost goes up to $8,100.

Bear in mind that these FTM top surgery cost does not include the changes you’ll likely want to make to your face. It won’t include any alterations to your genitals, and it won’t include the hysterectomy. If you want those additional procedures, the cost will increase.

Of course, if you identify as a man trapped inside a woman’s body, this will be worthwhile to you, if you can afford it. For decades before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many transgender people lacked the means to go through the procedure. Just the hormonal treatments were prohibitively expensive, and the counseling sessions were even more so. When it came time to pay for the surgery, the cost simply was too much.

One main benefit of the Affordable Care Act is that Americans who have found private insurance through the exchanges now have coverage for their transgender surgery procedures. This means that FTM top surgery costs no longer have to be prohibitive. Before the Affordable Care Act, insurers could brand transgender people as sufferers of a gender disorder and then call that disorder a pre-existing condition. The insurers could then use that designation to deny coverage. If a transgender person ponied up out of his or her pocket for the surgery and then complications arose, the insurer didn’t have to cover that either because the initial procedure was not covered.

So now, for many FTM patients, FTM top surgery cost is no longer keeping them from getting the procedure. However, another obstacle — finding a quality provider who is in network — is causing issues for many who want the surgery but can’t pay the out of network costs. This is how sexchangeoperation.net is bringing the freedom of gender reassignment surgery to many transgender people who could not afford the procedure without coverage — or even with coverage but without access to an in-network provider. The directories on sexchangeoperation.net include not only the names but also detailed information (including patient reviews) about transgender surgeons. This is a valuable resource for people who have insurance but are having trouble finding someone without a nine-month waiting list.

If you are ready to move forward with the first stages of the FTM transformation, take a look at sexchangeoperation.net to find the best (and most well reviewed) transgender surgical practices in your area. If you live in a rural area or in a smaller town, the directory can point you to providers in larger cities that are nearby. Dealing with the prospect of gender reassignment surgery can be intimidating enough — don’t let the process of finding a doctor add to the stress.

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