jazz-jenningsNPR recently ran a story about the unknown health effects of transgender teens who begin gender transition with drugs including hormone replacement therapy. This topic has been receiving additional coverage since the beginning of Jazz Jennings’ TLC Reality show “I am Jazz.”

The article reviews several important aspects of concern for transgendered youth, including the fact that there are few objective, long-term studies about medical and mental health consequences of transitioning as a young adult. Additional discussion concerns ethics, the right amounts of drugs to administer, and even whether young trans-identified people do tend to “grow out of it.” Is their condition truly gender dysphoria, or more like a passing phase?

Though the article reaches few conclusions, we still think it is an important, thought-provoking piece that you should read if you identify as a different gender, or are the parent of a child who identifies differently from his/her biological orientation.

Click here to read the full article.

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