Sex Change Clinic

Questions to Ask at the Sex Change Clinic

The surgical procedures that take place within a sex change clinic are designed to last a lifetime. Because of the extreme nature of some of these changes, there are some questions that you will want to ask upon your first visit to one of these facilities. The more information that you have after your initial appointment, the more likely you are to make an informed decision.

1. How long do you require patients to go through the Real Life Test? This is the amount of time that surgeons require patients to live as a member of their identified gender before they will perform surgeries on them to complete the transition. WPATH guidelines call for a minimum of one year, but policies can vary. You’ll want to know this length of time before signing a contract.

2. Do you recommend using part of the sigmoid colon or the penis when performing a vaginoplasty (for MTF patients)? This is a major area of difference and impacts the surgery’s effects on your body.

3. Do you offer revisions of procedures if I’m not satisfied with the results? Thanks to modern technology and surgical innovations, the majority of gender reassignment surgeries are effective and lead to satisfied patients. However, it is good to know the policy of the sex change clinic you are considering with regard to desired changes after the fact.

4. Who are some patients that have been pleased with your services? While you can read sex change clinic reviews on, also ask for contact information for references. Satisfied patients will be happy to talk to you about their experience with the clinic and will give you greater peace of mind as you begin your own journey.

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