Sex Change Surgeons

How to Choose Among Sex Change Surgeons

While the exact sequence of procedures that you choose as part of your gender reassignment is crucial, so is deciding among the sex change surgeons out there. Visiting provides you with a wealth of information about the providers in your area. We also encourage you to consider some important surgeon selection criteria.

While going to Harvard Medical School or a similarly venerable institution is impressive, the best sex change surgeons have generally gone through extensive training in transgender procedures. You’ll want to find out the specific training program in which your prospective surgeon studied, who his/her training physician(s) was/were, and how long he or she has been performing these surgeries.

You also want to find out which protocols your surgeon follows. The majority of sex change surgeons follow the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Standards of Care, which means that you’ll have to provide documentation proving that you have met their requirements for reassignment procedures. This can include one or two letters from psychotherapists and having lived for at least a year as your identified gender.

Functionality is another area that you should explore when talking to prospective sex change surgeons. Will your new sex organs provide the pleasure that you want? How sensitive will your neoclitoris be? Will you be able to penetrate with your neophallus? What about clear and unhindered urination? How about reaching orgasms? These are all important.

Appearance — whether it’s your face, your chest, your genitals or all three — is one of the most important parts of changing your body to meet your sexual identity. Talk to your physician about how you can expect to look when you have finished. Ask to see “before” and “after ” photographs from other patients.

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