Transgender Surgeons

Finding the Right Transgender Surgeon

Historically, many transgender people have had limited access to high quality, affordable medical care. This is changing quickly though, as social policies mandate insurance coverage and interested physicians gain additional information and education about working with the transgender community.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurers can no longer deny coverage for a pre-existing condition. This policy change is helping to protect transgender persons from discrimination, and has resulted in an increasing number of doctors choosing transgender surgery as a specialization.

Recent U.S. estimate indicate that 700,000 people identify themselves as transgender. A 2009 survey found that about 8 percent of American companies were including transgender procedures in their health coverage. In 2010 that had jumped to about 15 percent, and in 2011 it was about 30 percent. Since then the numbers have continued to climb, and as a result, more doctors are choosing transgender surgery as a specialization. Of course, that increase in doctors takes time because of the number of years of training that are required, but the growth is continuing to show up in graduating classes.

Another barrier keeping doctors away from transgender surgery as a specialization has been lack of information. In the last few years, though, more and more information about transgender status is coming out in medical journals and popular media, so doctors are becoming more open to it as a specialization.

This means, of course, that if you’ve been worried about the small number of available transgender surgeons, it’s time to look again. This is why has become such a vital resource for the transgender community. People who are still trying to determine if they identify as the opposite gender; people who know that they identify as the opposite gender but who have not yet had access to the right kind of care; people who want to support and help their transgender friends and relatives can all find information here. In addition to a provider directory, our website provides other tips and education about seeking and receiving care. Everything from advice about choosing the right surgeon to reviews about existing medical practices is available to make the decision process as smooth as possible.

As the transgender community continues earn recognition, additional surgeons will become available. As more and more medical students receive information about transgender care, there will be less unease about the process, which means that more qualified transgender surgeons will emerge from the nation’s medical schools. For now, the process of seeking and receiving care does not have to involve uncertainty and nervousness with such resources as at your disposal.

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