Transsexual Surgery Female to Male

Important Considerations for Transsexual Surgery Female to Male

The process of undergoing transsexual surgery female to male can be an intimidating one. For many patients, the transsexual journey began before they could even remember, and they grew up feeling a swath of emotions ranging from distress to shame about their bodies, because they really didn’t feel like their body belonged to them. At first, they didn’t know how to verbalize what they were feeling, and then later they simply felt like boys (or young men) trapped in female bodies. If you are considering starting the journey toward transsexual surgery female to male, here are some things to consider.

First, you want to choose a medical team whom you can trust to help you make the very best decision for yourself. is a website that is designed to help potential transsexual surgery female to male candidates learn more about the procedure. This includes everything from basic information about the transition process to detailed reviews about surgeons and other medical providers throughout the United States as well as answers to common questions about the procedure. You’ll want to review FTM blogs and look at before-and-after pictures from people who have gone through a similar procedure. As time goes by, you’ll get a better idea of what surgeon is the best choice for you. Because there are so many factors to consider (which procedures you want, your budget, your insurance coverage, the length of time you’ll have to cool your heels on their waiting list, and so on), it’s important to do as much research as possible.

Once you make it through the hormone treatment phase and are ready to start choosing your surgical procedures, you will sit down with your surgeon and discuss your options. Some transsexual surgery female to male candidates end up not having any procedures done but instead just go with the hormone treatment. Others decide to abandon the idea of gender altogether and don’t go through any cosmetic or surgical procedures. Still others want a thorough transformation to take place, so they use both hormonal and surgical treatment options. There is no right or wrong answer — you do need to choose the right combination that will help you overcome gender dysphoria and lead a productive, satisfying life.

If you decide that transsexual surgery female to male is going to be the right choice for you, you will need to do a few things to prepare yourself for the procedure. If you’re a smoker, consider quitting altogether because of the many health benefits that you will accrue as a result. However, if you need a little extra motivation, it’s worth knowing that some surgeons won’t provide transsexual surgery female to male for any smokers because it influences the work of the anesthetic. Smokers also usually need more oxygen therapy after surgery. Finally, though, smoking can slow the healing of wounds and even cause nipple grafts to fail. There’s no reason to let your smoking habit ruin the effects of your transsexual female to male surgery.

Some other ways to get ready for the surgery include starting an exercise routine and changing your diet so that it is balanced and healthy. In addition to stopping smoking for at least two weeks, you should also take a break from alcohol, because having alcohol in your system at the time of surgery can cause the body to bruise and bleed more than necessary. In some cases, the doctor may ask you to cut out the testosterone. Some surgeons believe that testosterone thickens blood, making clots more of a risk, and that testosterone therapy slows down the healing process for wounds. However, other doctors believe that testosterone reduces the danger of blood clots, so talk to your surgeon about this question leading up to the surgery.

To learn more about transsexual surgery female to male, visit The site offers a number of helpful pages for you to peruse, ranging from doctor listings (with patient reviews) to an overview of surgical costs and a look at some of the reasons why the process of moving from that first initial therapy appointment all the way through top and bottom surgery and recovery before living life as the man that the patient always saw himself to be.
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